Women in Racing

Women in Racing



On behalf of Women in Racing (WIR) and working with its committee we developed a short video to help raise awareness of the network and the roles women in full within horseracing.  The aim of the video was to showcase the diverse roles of women involved in horseracing and raise the profile of women in racing.

Equine Productions filmed and produced the video.


Arranged filming of women working within their roles at the Cheltenham Festival.  This was then edited and presented in a snappy video.

The video was launched on WiR social media platform’s as well as presented at the Grand Women’s Summit.  The video also sits within YouTube.


The video was widely received with a big thumbs across the women in racing network and horseracing.  Receiving nearly 4,000 views in the first month.

With its robust strategy to support women involved in horseracing, WIR is now regarded by major stakeholders as an integral part of British Horseracing.