We are passionate about and accomplished ‘evangelists’ within Women’s sport. Rochester Women is focused on the promotion of sportswomen and female teams, as well as activation for brands engaging in this area.

Women’s sport is experience significant growth in terms of participation and engagement. Professional contracts have been awarded to England players in football, rugby union and cricket. And, who would have thought that 11.7 million people would tune in to watch England v The USA in the semi finals of the 2019 Women’s Football world cup? And, this growth is here to stay.

Harriet Rochester has a proven track in creating change and has delivered some key milestones in the evolution of D&I within sport. In 2015-16, she developed the concept and delivered the first Grand Women’s Summit at the Grand National Festival on behalf of Jockey Club Racecourses North West, in partnership with Women in Racing. Furthermore, she was one of Women in Racing’s founding committee members and was a key part of the team who delivered the first research into Women’s Representation and Diversity in the Horseracing Industry (2017), with the establishment of the British Horseracing’s Diversity in Racing Steering Group being one of its recommendations, of which she is now a member.

We believe there are fantastic and valuable opportunities for brands to engage with and sponsor women’s sports and make meaningful connections with their audiences.  If you are an athlete, female team requiring promotion, or a brand interested in sponsoring in this area we would be delighted to hear from you. Please Contact us here.