Girls encouraged to find their FOOTBALLMoJo during #RUSSIA2018




To celebrate the 2018 Football World Cup, The Women’s Sports Net (WSNet) has launched FOOTBALLMoJo, a manual targeting teen girls, parents & coaches who are interested in football.  The manuals pinpoint many of the issues that can put teen girls off sport and help parents, coaches and girls overcome them.

FOOTBALLMoJo looks beyond the benefits on the pitch and acts a guide on how to improve athletic performance through physical confidence as well as help girls take that confidence into everyday life, overcoming any innate ‘fear of judgement’ and taking on challenges that they might otherwise avoid.

Key points FOOTBALLMoJo:

  • Sport & movement skills are crucially important to girls’ confidence when starting to play football.
  • Girls face numerous additional issues than boys in how they engage in competitive football, often dropping out or not engaging for ‘fear of failure’ and ‘judgement’ in sporting prowess.
  • Period Tracking – FOOTBALLMoJo has a section on training and menstruation. Georgie Bruinvels is a leading expert on Female Athlete Triad and associated Amenorrhea. She has developed the FitrWoman APP to help girl players train smarter during periods. @Fitrwoman
  • FOOTBALLMoJo – won’t make girls hit, run, row or kick harder ‘overnight’, but they will teach them movement skills and confidence that will last a lifetime.
  • Girls can build sporting confidence (better posture, movements skills, stability and inner body strength/tone) into their everyday lives, often changing the way they make decisions (i.e. applying for jobs/unis etc.) and not being frightened of being judged or trying new ‘moves’ for fear of failing.
  • Most teenage girls have the same concerns, worries and opportunities.  FOOTBALLMoJo provide a ‘conversation starter’ to share often taboo subjects amongst parents, coaches and girls, which can help build confidence.
  • Everything within the manual has been drawn from world-leading experts and delivered in context and in a relaxed format that teen girls can use to check, discuss and investigate with their team mates, or friends and then have the confidence to ask parents and coaches.
  • FOOTBALLMoJo is one of a series of MoJoManuals –